State Rep. Connie Rowe announced yesterday that she will not seek reelection in House District 13. Instead, the two-term legislator has been tapped to take on the role of senior advisor to Lt. Gov. Will AinsworthYellowhammer News reported. She will start working with Ainsworth once work in her current position is complete.

Before serving as State Rep., Rowe was an investigator for the Walker County District Attorney’s Office, becoming the first female Chief of Police for the City of Jasper. She is currently vice-chair of the Alabama House Republican Caucus and serves as vice-chair of both the Internal Affairs and Rules Committees.

Rowe is ready to take on the new role. Rowe said, “It’ll be an opportunity to do a lot of new things. I’m glad at 58, there’s still new things to learn and that I’m capable of learning. I think we all look for the opportunity to develop ourselves to our fullest potential, and I’m certainly interested in continuing to pursue that.”

Rowe spoke about Ainsworth’s commitment to Alabama being a state that is welcoming to active-duty service members and retired military, stating, “The role that he plays in making Alabama a state that is attractive to members of the military, not just while they’re in but when they retire, that is an asset we have in the state. I’m glad to see that it’s really important to him to continue to develop that environment that is friendly to members of the military.”

Ainsworth believes Rowe’s experience will benefit the state. Ainsworth commented, “During the time I served with her in the Alabama House, Connie Rowe was known for having a command of the issues and the trust and respect of lawmakers in both parties and both chambers.”

He added, “Her law enforcement background as a police chief and officer and her [two]terms in the House demonstrate that Rep. Rowe has a true heart for service, and her talents as a tough negotiator are well-known throughout the Alabama State House. She has dedicated her life and career to protecting and serving her neighbors, her community, and her state. Rep. Rowe will bring the lieutenant governor’s office a unique perspective and strong skill set that will make an already great and hard-working staff even better,” concluded Ainsworth.