Will Ainsworth

Lt. Governor of Alabama

Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth, husband to Kendall and father to Hunter, Hays, and Addie, is a small business owner and farmer from Marshall County. Prior to entering public service, he worked as a youth pastor at Albertville’s Grace Fellowship Church.

A co-founder of Dream Ranch hunting lodge and the Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo, he currently owns Ainsworth Real Estate and Ainsworth Homes, which specialize in residential real estate construction and development. Ainsworth also operates a commercial cattle operation in Guntersville.

After feeling the call to serve his community through elected office, Ainsworth won a seat in the Alabama House of Representatives in 2014. While serving in the House, he was a champion for Pre-K, K-12, and higher education, passed election integrity legislation, and emphasized issues relating to business, agriculture, and family values.

Keeping a self-imposed legislative term limit promise, Ainsworth declared his candidacy for lieutenant governor in 2018 and received the most votes of any candidate for constitutional office on the general election ballot.  He was elected to a second term without major party opposition in 2022.

During the 2023 legislative session, Ainsworth was the chief architect and proponent of the largest tax cut in Alabama history – a $300 million reduction in the state sales tax on groceries.

Ainsworth also lead the charge in renewing Alabama’s economic incentives, the Alabama Jobs Act and Growing Alabama, to ensure Alabama remains competitive in recruiting high-paying 21st century jobs.

Through the work of the Lieutenant Governor’s Commission on a 21st Century Workforce, he has focused on improving workforce development and training in order to recruit long-lasting, high-paying jobs to the state.

As chairman of the Alabama Small Business Commission, Ainsworth also works to promote policies that grow and expand both new and existing businesses – ranging from small, mom-and-pop operations to Alabama’s largest employers.

Ainsworth chairs the Alabama Military Stability Commission, which has passed dozens of bills in the Legislature to ensure Alabama remains the nation’s most welcoming state to active soldiers and veterans. His efforts on behalf of military members and their families earned Ainsworth the Pete Taylor Award from the U.S. Department of Defense.

He also served as national chair of the Aerospace States Association, a group of elected officials, academics, and private sector entities from states with ties to the aviation and spaceflight industries.  Ainsworth has served as a strong advocate for Alabama’s aerospace industry, promoted STEM education in K-12 schools, and has pushed the Pentagon to maintain its commitment of placing U.S. Space Command Headquarters in Huntsville.