Senate Page Program


  1. Pages will report to the Alabama Senate located on the Seventh (7th) Floor of the State House (corner of Union and Washington) in Montgomery. Rosalyn Grace and Alfred Murray, Page Coordinators, will meet with you upon arrival, give you a tour of the legislative offices, and present a brief orientation session.
  2. The Page Program is strictly voluntary; however, the experience is invaluable. Pages get the opportunity to watch action firsthand from the chamber floor, attend committee meetings to watch discussion and debate of bills, meet and take pictures with State Senators, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor, when available, and take local tours, as time permits.
  3. A contact number for a parent or guardian must be given to the page coordinator in case of emergency.
  4. Pages will sign in upon arrival each day and should be prepared to stay until 4:30 pm.
    If the Senate adjourns early, Pages will be dismissed earlier. If you need to leave for
    special events or circumstances, please inform the Page Coordinator and sign out before leaving.
  5. You are responsible for your own lodging. No supervision is provided by the Senate Staff.
  6. Parking is not available at the State House. Please make arrangements to be dropped off and picked up from the State House.
  7. You are responsible for your own meals. Please remember to bring money to buy lunch on each day you are paging. If you wish to bring your lunch, there is a Senate Break Room with a refrigerator and microwave available for your use. There are also snack machines available and you will need to bring appropriate change for them if you decide to purchase items from them. Change is not available in the State House.
  8. The Page Coordinator is to know where you are at all times. Pages are not to leave the building except for lunch. The Page Coordinator will coordinate the lunch times.
  9. Proper dress according to the Dress Guidelines for Senate Pages is mandatory.
  10. Proper office behavior is expected at all times. Behavior that is not acceptable and interferes with the business of the Senate will result in dismissal. Do not ask Senators or anyone for a tip.
  11. Please be aware that there are times when there is little activity for the Pages, but you must remain at your assigned location.
  12. You may be reached at 334-261-0822 when you are paging.

If you wish to serve as a page during the legislative session, please contact Ms. Charlsi Lee at

Dress Guidelines for Senate Pages

Please follow the guidelines listed below for dress. Failure to dress appropriately will result in your being denied the opportunity to page. A uniform such as an ROTC dress uniform is acceptable.


A dress, suit or pants suit is appropriate. A Pants Suit is defined as slacks and a jacket. You will not be allowed to page in casual pants (which includes Capri pants), tight blouses, tight dresses, tight skirts, low cut or backless clothes, or mini-skirts. 

Since the Senate Chamber is often cool, a sweater or blazer is recommended. A blazer or jacket is required if the dress, blouse or shirt that is worn while serving as a page is form-fitting or see-through. 

Many of the styles of clothing for young women today are not appropriate office attire and will not be allowed in the Senate Chamber.


Dress slacks, coat, and tie are required at all times.

Jeans and/or athletic shoes are not allowed at any time in the Senate Chamber. Comfortable dress shoes are suggested.

These guidelines will be strictly enforced. Anyone arriving to page who is not dressed appropriately WILL NOT be able to enter the Senate Chamber.